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Short Description

Product details:

  • Powdered milk for infants from birth to 1 year.
  • Contains protein from goat's milk
  • Contains a variety of important nutrients Helps grow appropriately
  • ARA helps develop the brain and vision.
  • Omega 3,6,9 helps with brain function.
  • Choline helps improve learning and memory.
  • Taurine helps improve the function of the retina.
  • Contains zinc which helps in the growth of the body.
Product Description

Products for newborns - 1 year old

It is well known that "mother's milk" is the best milk for a baby. Therefore, we focus on allowing mothers to feed their babies with breast milk for as long as possible. Because breast milk has natural nutrients that help strengthen There are many types of immunity. and rich in essential nutrients for infants and has high nutritional value Make your baby healthy And the body is strong and doesn't get sick easily.

Ask about goat milk information Contact the Goat Milk Nutrition Center. 02-683-3394–6 (Business days and hours)

Important things to know

  • Breast milk is the best food for babies. Because it has complete nutritional value
  • Baby food should be used as recommended by a doctor, nurse or nutritionist.


  • The remaining milk should not be kept for future use.
  • After opening the can Close the lid tightly and tightly. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • This product should be used within 4 weeks after opening the can. And you should use this product before the expiration date. specified under the can

Powdered milk for infants from birth to 1 year.

Providing information about infant food at the point of sale according to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health Regarding criteria, methods, conditions, details of data preparation and channels for providing information about infant food 2018

In the case that this type of powdered milk must be used to feed infants only. Infants aged from birth to 3 months will need an average of 2.4 kilograms of formula milk/month, which 1 can has a volume of 0.8 kilograms, equivalent to 3 cans/month. Therefore, the family will have to pay approximately* 2,643 baht/month.

In the case that this type of powdered milk must be used to feed infants only. Infants older than 3 months to 6 months will need an average of 4.5 kilograms of formula milk/month, which 1 can has a volume of 0.8 kilograms, equivalent to 6 cans/month. Therefore, the family will have to spend approximately* 5,286 baht/month.

For infants aged 6 months and up, infants should receive food according to their age along with breast milk. But in the case of using this type of formula milk to feed infants, the cost implications should be taken into account. Including negative effects on health That may be caused by incorrect preparation and use and not according to instructions. This can make the baby sick.

Precautions from preparing or using infant food

  • Using unboiled water and baby bottles or incorrect ingredients May make baby sick.
  • Prepare only one bottle at a time. and strictly follow the instructions
  • Using more than specified amounts of powdered milk can cause dehydration.
  • You should not change the ingredients yourself. without receiving advice from a doctor

*This price is an approximate reference to a 800 gram package and may vary in each distribution channel.


Breast milk is the best nutrition for infants and provides many benefits to infants and mothers. Eating a healthy, balanced diet for mothers before and while breastfeeding is important. Breastfeeding combined with bottle milk in the first few weeks After giving birth, the amount of breast milk may decrease. And this makes the decision to return to breastfeeding more difficult. The social and economic impacts of using infant formula should be considered. Improper feeding of infants Or feeding the baby with an inappropriate type or method may cause health hazards. In the case where the mother uses modified milk for the infant The manufacturer's instructions for use should be strictly followed. Otherwise, it may cause the baby to be sick. Mothers should consult with medical personnel. to ask for advice on infant nutrition

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